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DÜBÖR partner of the Food Innovation Academy

29 June 2020


DÜBÖR partner van de  Food Innovation Academy

Focus on release agents

DÜBÖR Nederland, a leading producer of high-quality vegetable (biological) release oils for baking processes, is a partner of the Food Innovation Academy (FIA) in Vlaardingen. As a specialist in release agents and spray technology, DÜBÖR produces a wide range of products for the bakery and hospitality industries. The company in Oosterhout, with German roots, fully endorses FIA's philosophy - regionally focusing on training, research & innovation and improving the image of the food sector - and would like to contribute to this mission.

Sharing expertise
“We see the FIA as a place where we can share our knowledge of release agents and spraying machines for greasing baking tins or spraying liquid chocolate and jelly,” says sales manager Piet van Dongen of DÜBÖR Netherlands. The idea is that the FIA will help DÜBÖR inform professional bakers, catering businesses and students about the importance of using the correct release agents and the appropriate quantities. “There is a severe lack of knowledge in this area, leading to unnecessary expense for users”, Van Dongen comments.

DÜBÖR intends to improve the level of knowledge of release agents and their application by arranging demonstrations, workshops and training courses at the Bakery Innovation Academy (BIA) - the multidisciplinary bakery school that is part of the FIA. In exchange for this, the company will provide a greasing machine, a jelly spraying machine and as much release oil for use in bakeries and the catering industry as the Academy requires. So high-quality products are available for every type of application and special requirements, ranging from greasing baking tins, funnels and trays, or releasing cakes or confectionery.

Leading brand
The FIA is delighted to welcome DÜBÖR Nederland as a partner. “DÜBÖR is a household name and one of the leading brands in the bakery sector. So we are proud that they want to share their knowledge and expertise with us,” says FIA communications officer Hilco Wagenaar. The equipment provided on loan has already been commissioned and used for the first tests.

What is the FIA?
The FIA is also known as the clubhouse of the food industry in South Holland. It is a unique place where entrepreneurs meet, arrange meetings with business relations, and conduct research with MBO, HBO and WO students. FIA is also a knowledge and innovation centre. Food students receive practical lessons and work together with companies on innovations.

FIA can be found in a building on the Industrieweg in Vlaardingen. The building has four floors. A Try & Taste on the ground floor: a space where coffee will play a central role. The entire coffee preparation process is discussed. Try & Taste is also a space for cooking, eating, gathering and meeting. For anyone interested in the food industry. Or just to eat a sandwich and have a drink

Test centre
The test centre is located on the first floor: a place where all kinds of production machines are set up. HBO and MBO students learn how they work, professionals can carry out testing, and business can improve processes. The Ice Centre is located on this floor. The second floor has three laboratories for practical and applied research and practical lessons. The third and last floor accommodates an auditorium, a workshop area with seven test kitchens, a meeting point, an instruction room and a conference room

An overhead bridge between the FIA building and the adjacent Royal Steensma Bakery Ingredients production site provides access to the Bakery Innovation Academy (FIA), where the FIA's baking activities take place.

More information can be found on the website:

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