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Clean label

Royal Steensma clean label policy

Recent studies demonstrate that consumers are more aware of food and health, which results in an increase of products with a so called clean label. There is not a legal definition of clean label and it can be interpreted in different ways. The most recent definition of clean label is 'produced without any artificial ingredients', also called additives.

The Dutch Commodities Act defines additives as: ‘All ingredients with or without nutritional value, which are not consumed as a stand-alone food product and normally don't have the characteristics of a food ingredient which are used for technical reasons, by the manufacturer, during the process, preparation, treatment, packaging, transport or storage of food or drinks, automatically become ingredients for food or drinks”.  

E-numbers are additives which are allowed to be used in nutritional products by the European Union. When an additive is proved to be harmless and every EU-country allows it to be used, the additive receives an official E-number.

Royal Steensma has a strong focus on its target groups and shares market trends and innovations. With this mentality, new ideas are developed by the R&D department which excel in practical applicability. The trend for more clean label products and less additives, is an interesting challenge for Royal Steensma.  

Royal Steensma is continuously busy to respond to market demands to deliver quality products, without food additives. To transform a product into a clean label product often means losing a lot of taste, changing the consistency or risking food safety. Royal Steensma guarantees all clean label products are of the same taste, consistency and quality.. 

Damco almond paste

The almonds pastes from Damco only contain natural ingredients and are produced without the addition of salt or artificial preservatives. This makes these products fit perfectly into a clean label policy, which can offer artisanal bakers and increasingly knowledgeable consumers, a pure and honest product. The special clean label almond pastes are recognizable by a special clean label sticker on the packaging. In the ingredients industry, the process of buying almonds and blanching them in-house is unique. This retains the almonds' distinct taste. You can best compare this process with tea bag; when you use a tea bag once the taste is much stronger, than when the same tea bag is used multiple times.


Fruitease is a range of special infused fresh fruit with optimum fruit experience, long shelf life, without artificial additives; a product that fits perfectly within a clean label policy. The product has been specially developed as an ingredient for the ice cream, bakery, cereal- and chocolate industry. Fruitease is made from fresh fruit and therefore has an original fruit structure, is free rolling and long lasting due to the low AW. In addition, the products in this range are freeze and bake stable and free of allergens and GMO.

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