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About Royal Steensma

Royal Steensma: 185 years of business with a baker's heart

Douwe Jetzes Steensma woukld have been only too proud had he known in 1839 that the bakery he started then in the Frisian village of Exmorra has grown 185 years later into the important supplier of bakery ingredients it is today. Only the best is good: that has always been the motto of the Steensma family of bakeres. And that is still the drive of Royal Steensma. Whether it is almond paste, candied fruit, pastry mixes and cream powders or cocoa fantasy, souplesse, fruit fillings, capping jellies and jams: invariably our drive is to support bakers to achieve grater returns.

And what about our bread specialities? Think of sourdoughs, grain mixtures, various starters and seed and nut mixes. That doesn't result in loaves that fit into the 'thirtheen in a dozen' category, but bread that a customer will make a detour for. Filled or unfilled, sweet or savory. But also bake-off or with overnight bridging. Or sourdough for direct processing: we have it all. After all, only the best is good. Our master Boulanger Hiljo Hillebrand knows that like no other, just like the other baking advisors at Royal Steensma: all passionate professionals with a baker's heart. They are happy to advise you on product choices or assist you with test baking or recipe development. 

The choice from Royal Steensma's product range is wide and deep: an extensive standard product line, but also still flexible. Which means we can meet any demand. That's the kind of partner Royal Steensma wants to be. Also in 2024.


To generate good, stable returns within the food industry, by using available means of production, partly supplemented with trade items, taking into account generally accepted social and company-specific standards.


To be the most innovative partner for both small and large bakery entrepreneurs.

Core values

  • Innovative
  • Flexible
  • Wide range of products
  • Knowledgeable

Read here what Royal Steensma does with regards to Corporate Social Responsibility.

General Purchasing Conditions

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